Cisco TelePresence Touch Panel Stuck in Downloading Software


Issue: Cisco TelePresence touch panel stuck in downloading software after system boots up.

TelePresence Touch Panel stuck in downloading software

Platform: Any Cisco TelePresence endpoints that support touch Panel.

Findings: I didn’t really find out what causes the Cisco TelePresence Touch Panel stuck in downloading software after systems boots up. I have tried three ways in resolving this issue and they are ordered in preference below:

1. Reboot the Cisco TelePresence endpoint.
– Most of the times this issue is resolved after power cycle.
2. Factory reset the TelePresence Touch Panel.
– If the first option didn’t fix the issue, try the factory reset option. Steps provided.

> Hold exclamation (!) button for 10 seconds until it lights up.
> Release exclamation (!) button.
> Press mute button twice (it will light up).

3. Upgrade to newer release.
– Last resort! Make sure you have CCO account and a valid contract t before you can access the software off Cisco site and upgrade to newer release. If your version is TC5 and like to upgrade to TC7, you need a release TC7 key otherwise you can’t upgrade. Other option is stay on TC5 and upgrade to latest minor version (e.g. TC5.1.13).

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