Access VMware ESXi Console from Ubuntu 14.04


VMware has no native VSphere client for Linux hosts and VMware pushes its users to use the VMware web client. There is a workaround for this but it doesn’t give you the full benefits of using a full pledge VSphere client in Windows, however it gets the job done.

To access VMware ESXi console from ubuntu download the free VMware Player for Linux 64-bit . Move it to your preferred install folder, give execution privilege and install. Follow the installation prompt all through out the process.

mv ~/Desktop/ ~/
chmod u+x VMware-Player-7.1.0-2496824.x86_64.bundle

After the installation, run the command:

vmplayer -H <ESXi-IP-ADDRESS-> -U <USERNAME>

VMware player connect to server

The VMware player window launches on your screen and requests the password to the host. Once you are logged in you will see a list of available virtual machines. If the VM guest is not powered on and you open a console to the VM guest it will be powered on.

VMware player list of VM

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