Etisalat credit transfer: How to secure it

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A colleguae of my friend once complain to him about anonymous credit transfer from his  mobile phone to another user. Being an IT Security expert, he was alarmed by this and so look for ways on how to combat this.

This facility allows you to have secure & safe credit transfer transaction by having a 4 digit numeric PIN code. The facility to use PIN code is optional and it can be activated deactivated & reactivated as per your requirement.

Credit transfer command with PIN code

*100* Mobile Number*amount*PIN code# followed by “send” key

Credit transfer command without  PIN code

*100* Mobile Number*amount # followed by “send” key

Following are the procedures to activate, change, cancel and receive Pin code, as well as  forgotten Pin code.

Requesting new PIN Code via SMS

You may request having a new PIN Code by sending the following SMS command from your mobile:

“r ct pin” and send it to 1010.

Upon sending above command, you will receive the following SMS:

“Your request for a new credit transfer PIN is under process. Thank you.”

Note: Pin will be generated randomly and sent to your mobile  via SMS.

Upon sending above command, you will receive the following SMS:

“Please dial *100* Mobile Number*amount*PIN code# in order to transfer credit. For any information, Call 101. Your PIN code for credit transfer is XXXX”

Note: Provisioning of new PIN code via SMS is  provided once only. You will not be able to obtain it again; instead, you will receive an SMS to advise you to apply for changing your PIN or calling the Contact Center for getting a new PIN.


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