Deterministic Network Enhancer Issues on VPNs

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DNE extends operating systems and network protocol devices and stacks to introduce measurement and controls (optimization and security). Application of these are on intrusion detection, VPNs, Network Address Translation (NAT), traffic measurement, response time measurement, bandwidth control, compression, content filtering, content protection, policy management, proxies, billing, packet marking, routing, protocol translation, wireless communication, secure tunnels and much more.

These are the issues I found on DNE:

1. VPN Client failed to enable the Virtual Adapter.
2. Windows has detected an IP adress conflict when connecting.

I only encountered the mentioned issues above on Wnidows Vista client but some people encountered it as well on Windows XP platform. I tried different approach in solving these issues but still couldn’t fixed it like re-installing the software, resetting the virtual adapter and upgrading to latest version of the software. In some people, the mentioned¬†solution didn’t solve the issues.

I found an article about DNE (Deterministic Network Enhancer) on Citrix website. According to the website that this occur due to operating system corruption, incompatible drivers or 3rd party softwares. Their recommendation is to refresh the DNE by running the files below. They suggest to uninstall the program that uses DNE (e.g. a VPN client), then download and run the utility.

Next, download and install the latest DNE: for 32-bit for 64-bit

Then reinstall the product that uses DNE.

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