Configuring Cisco ASA A/S Failover using ASA-QEMU

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ASA-QEMU is a Cisco ASA simulator. It is like GNS but GNS is only for router, switch and PIX (with the latest version of GNS PEMU is already integrated). By using ASA-QEMU you can test ASA features like webvpn which is essential for CCIE Security exam. In this video it will guide you on how to setup Active/Stanby multi-context failover using ASA-QEMU.


  1. Hi! Your video on QEMU is excellent even though its not very clear. Keep up the good work. Post more QEMU and GNS how-to vids.

  2. The video is very helpful. Im looking this kind of how-to on the Internet but I couldn’t find it. It is only here. Great job! Post more how-to.

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