We are lost! Needs GPS?

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We went to Al Ain for a business meeting with my collegue. We had the address of the place but we didn’t know the exact location. My collegue tried to used GPS on his handheld device Nokia E71 called Nokia Maps. This was his first time to use this and now the time to test its accuracy. Before we drove off, we searched the address on the GPS and showed us the shortest route and total travel time.

We started our journey to Al Ain with the aid of Nokia Maps GPS but still we were doubtful if the information given to us were accurate. We don’t have an option at that time, thus we followed the routes presented to us. As we were on our way to our destination, there were times where the directions given to us were different. For us it was odd because we selected the shortest path. We just proceed until we reached our destination.

Through this GPS technology I am very astonished how people’s life make easier and for the past years, GPS device was not integrated to handheld devices. Thus, technologies evolve! Amazing isn’t it?

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