GNS3: IOS EzVPN Server Configuration

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This how-to demonstrates how to configure EzVPN server on Cisco routers and the Cisco VPN Client 5.x. Cisco IOSĀ® Software Releases 12.4(x)T and later support connections from Cisco VPN Client 5.x and later.

These are the steps on how to configure IOS EzVPN Server.
1. Enable AAA (aaa new-model).
2. Create a local database for user authentication and authorization.
3. Create user account.
4. Create an ISAKMP Phase 1.
5. Create a local pool and split-tunnel access-list (if required).
6. Create an ISAKMP Phase 1.5 (For Xauth).
7. Create an IPsec Phase 2.
8. Create a dynamic crypto-map.
9. Apply the dynamic crypto-map to the interface where EzVPN terminates.

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