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Just came from a very tiring but adventured, fun filled evening with my friend, Glades (pronounced as (gleyds) by her Indian mates). Planned to really see her since she is leaving Dubai next week, so sad to say goodbye to a very good friend, but knowing that she has waited for this day to come and she is happy with her decision, makes saying goodbye a lot easier. Anyways, the initial plans were to go to Gold Souk to look for some thing to buy and then to City Center to buy  a parting gift for my boss’ wife and a card for my beloved boss who is going back to Houston, Texas for a promotion (sad but happy for him, congrats PJZ!!!) and to try My Metro, My City. 

First destination, first time in Gold Souk instead of City Center, said goodbye to Metro, cant go there by Metro, had to take a taxi. We went to Damas to check out some nice stuff, but found out nothing, the gold rate is soooo high right now, advised not to buy. Then we went out to check on some souvenir shops to look for something for AWZ as a parting gift, found some good stuffs but had to bargain so hard to get it at the right price, ended up with NOTHING!!beyond my budget,hehehe. We strolled in the whole Gold Souk Area, take some nice photos of the shops selling gold stuffs, necklaces, bangles,anything you could ever ask for, you can find it here but be careful, they said some are not authentic. Found this one ring that is included in Guinness World Records, too bad wasnt able to really read what the certificate says, anyways it was another experience worth writing and sharing. 

Because we cant find what we are looking for as a parting gift, Glades suggested to go to another place before going to City Center, and that is in Bur Dubai. It is a nice place to visit when you are looking to buy some souvenirs to bring home to your family and friends, the secret, BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN, remember the salesman gives you 200% of the real price because they know buyers would really bargain so better be prepared with your speech, like i do.  How to get there? By Abra or by water bus!!! Another First in Dubai. Instead of taking the bus which will take us to Bur Dubai in an hour, we took the Abra and reached our destination in less than 5 Minutes!!!Oh, what a relief, thanks to Abra. But again, didnt found what I was looking for, because personally I really dont know what to buy for Ms. A, no idea at all, just have to look for it by heart. It is so hard to buy something which you really dont know what it is and so hard to find something to give to a millionaire, what does she needs? what does she wants? Well, ended up with nothing, found nothing and bought nothing. So we decided to go to our last destination for the night, Diera City Center!

Had dinner at City Center, McDo for Glades and Fish & Chips for me with Brownie Sundae, had to wait for somebody to stand up from their chair before we can have our dinner, gossh. After dinner, we checked out on some shops in the Center, Glades bought some nice stuffs, i bought chocos for my family as pasalubong. Strolled for over an hour, decided to call it a day. Dropped Glades at her place, thanked her for the night, then I went straight to Burjuman with a prayer to find the card and the gift for Mr and Mrs Patrick Zuber, then BINGO, God answered my prayers, I know in my heart I have found the best gifts for them, hope they would both love it.

Wheew, what a way to end the day. It is always good times with good friends like Glades. Thanks Glades for my two firsts, Gold Souk and Abra! Hope to see you soon!! Check out our pics.

Have a great day everyone!! Enjoy life!!Love love love, like I do..

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