First & Last with Glades

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It was a mixed feeling. Anxious of being able to experience Dubai Metro for the first time and heartbreaking to say goodbye for now to one of my closest friends. It was a time well spent with one of my few friends here in the UAE. Saying goodbye to her means goodbye to shopping, eating and hilarious moments. I have spent so many first with this lady, first with the Water bus and now with the Metro. And I’m looking forward to doing more Firsts with Glades in the not so distant future. The metro experience was great and fun as well, 5 minute travel from the used to be 45 minute ride thru the bus or cab. Thank God to technologies which make life much easier and convenient for all of us, especially those in the UAE as time flies so Fast and every second counts, what a relief. Kudos to the Metro! Till we meet again Glads!
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