My (ISC)2 SSCP Examination Experience

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I took the (ISC)2 SSCP exam last December 19, 2009 at the Etisalat Academy, Dubai, UAE. The examination was scheduled at 9 AM and I should be at the testing center an hour before the said time. I left the house at 7:15 AM to make sure i wont be be late. I arrived at the Testing place at 8 AM. I, together with my fellow examinee, waited for 30 minutes in the guest area before the proctor called us to login and have our admission letter and one valid government issue ID card ready for inspection.We proceed to the first floor and I was astonished to see that there was a long queue. There were a total of 32 examinees for both SSCP and CISSP. These candidates came from different countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Afghanistan. I was shocked when one of the proctors informed me that I was the only SSCP candidate. After logging in, I entered the room and my seat number was located at the left cornet of the room. I asked the proctor why and he explained that because I’m the only SSCP candidate and he doesn’t want me disturbed by the the rest of the CISSP candidates. When all of the candidates were in, the proctor started reading and explained the policies for this examination (e.g. what materials are allowed). After filling out the test papers with our information, we started with the exam at exactly 9 AM.

The SSCP exam is composed of 125 questions with an allocated time of 3 hours. I noticed one major discrepancy regarding the exam: According to my admission letter, the exam will take 6 hours but actually it was good for 3 hours only, good thing in my preparation, I budgeted for a shorter time, instead of the 6 hour examination time as published. The exam was fairly created and composed of mix questions on 7 SSCP domains. Questions were blend of scenario-based, conceptual and technical. I finished answering all the question by 11:15 AM and spent the remaining time reviewing my answers.

Now, I am waiting for the result.


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