CCIE Voice Lab in Dubai, UAE

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[tweetmeme]In the first week of January 2010 I’ve seen one thread in Cisco Learning Network forum about CCIE Voice Lab in Dubai, UAE. I replied on that thread saying “I hope Cisco will open its CCIE Voice lab for the year 2010”. Today, I receive an email notification from the forum posted by Ben Ng that Cisco will announce by the end of January this year concerning the Voice Lab offering. It seems that Cisco heard the demand of this certification across the globe. On the other hand, CCIE Voice has been opened since December 2009 in Hong Kong. Recently candidates can now register a CCIE Voice seat in Beijing, China and Banglore, India.


  1. Message from Ben Ng

    We are almost there in terms of technical readiness for the Dubai voice seat, now we still need to clear a few administrative items before making it available.

    Give us a few more weeks. I will update the group soon.


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