Island Hopping At Boracay Islands, Philippines

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We started our 2nd day early. Packed our things for the day’s activity and boarded our own rented private boat at 7 in the morning. Itinerary for the day: island hopping, snorkeling, caving and lunch at puka beach.

First destination is at the famous, Crocodile Island. Snorkeling as they called it is so wonderful. We snorkled for almost an hour, our help, Totoy was the one feeding the fish with Nova ,hahaha, as we forgot to bring breads. We really had a blast with our first activity, we found Nemo and the it really brought the child in us as we really searched for him and so happy when we found him. Good thing is, we have all the time in the world to do whatever we want because we are on our own. 100% enjoyed with snorkeling and would love to do it all over again!

After an hour of snorkeling, we had our first buku juice sip in our boat and boarded for our next stop, caving at Crystal Cove. We took pictures only as we are not allowed to swim. Ww visited two caves and over all the experience was good not really superb. We had fun and once is enough for this caving.

Our last stop is the beautiful and equally white sand Puka beach. We dipped into the beach just to have a feel of the relaxing and pure beach of Puka. After our lunch and another buku sip, we boarded into our boat and bid goodbye to the awesome and magnificent islands that we have stepped into.

Overall, we are grateful that we are given the chance to explore this beautiful paradise here in the Philippines. A splendid creation of our God Almighty! Trully, a paradise!

Humbly sharing with you moments of those trip captured by our own camera. Take pleasure in watching!

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