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I installed VCS Expressway with a “Dual NIC Cards” option key two weeks ago. The customer has three sites connected through MPLS network and wanted to deploy MOVI clients across the three sites. Before rolling it out to all users, I decided to install the MOVI client on one user per site. After the software installation I configured the MOVI clients and found out the client at head office was able to register but at the remote sites was not. Did the troubleshooting and discovered that MOVI users at remote sites couldn’t reach the VCS Expressway. I logon to VCS Expressway and tested reachability of remote sites, unfortunately not reachable.

My last resort was to check the VCS command reference guide. Searched for a command related to “ip route” and stumbled upon Xconfiguration IP Route. It seemed that was the right command I was looking for. Command reference were extracted from Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server Command Reference Software vX6.

IP Route [1..50] Address:
Specifies an IP address used in conjunction with the Prefix Length to determine the network to which this
route applies.
Example: xConfiguration IP Route 1 Address: “”

IP Route [1..50] Gateway:
Specifies the IP address of the Gateway for this route.
Example: xConfiguration IP Route 1 Gateway: “”

IP Route [1..50] Interface:
Specifies the LAN interface to use for this route. Auto: The VCS will select the most appropriate interface to use.
Default: Auto
Example: xConfiguration IP Route 1 Interface: Auto

IP Route [1..50] PrefixLength: <0..128>
Specifies the number of bits of the IP address which must match when determining the network to which this route applies.
Default: 32
Example: xConfiguration IP Route 1 PrefixLength: 16

Solved the issue by configuring static routes under the VCS. Enter the above commands in the CLI.

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