Cisco VCS – Allow incoming TCS4 dialing

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Issue: Legacy video endpoints can’t connect to Cisco video endpoints (or ex-Tandberg) when using this format of dial string IP-ADDRESS##ALIAS (example, also called as ## TCS4 dialing (Polycom video endpoints use this).

Platform: Cisco VCS Expressway running on any software.

Solution: Create an inbound search rule on Cisco VCS Expressway that changes the orginal format IP-ADDRESS##ALIAS to an email format or URI ([email protected]).

1. Logon to Cisco VCS Expressway.
2. Go to VCS Configuration > Dial Plan > Search Rules.
3. Create new Search Rule and populate all the required fields. The important settings here are:

Mode: Alias Pattern Match Pattern Type: Regex Pattern String: ^(.*)##(\d*)? Pattern Behavior: Replace Replace String: \[email protected]\1

Regular expression meaning:

^ - signifies the start of a line. .* - matches against any sequence of characters. () - groups a set of matching characters together. # - is a hash or pound character. \d - Matches any decimal digit, i.e. 0-9. ? - Matches 0 or 1 repetitions of the previous character or expression.

Cisco VCS has a built-in pattern check tool that is very usefull. Navigate to Maintenance > Tools > Check Pattern.

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