Skype 4.3 for Linux

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At last Microsoft updated Skype 4.3 for Linux which the Linux community thought it was abandoned. Previous version had issues on sound, the biggest show stopper for all Linux users. I decided to test this new version in my Ubuntu 13.10 64bit and so far all good.

These are the pros and cons of Skype 4.3 for Linux.

An updated UI
New cloud-based Group Chat experience
More reliable file transfer support when using multiple devices at once
Greater accessibility by blind and visually impaired users
PulseAudio 3.0 and 4.0 support (Recommended)
Dropped support for direct Alsa support
No native 64-bit build, but our build works on 64-bit systems with the required 32-bit dependencies
No application indicator (Can be installed apt-get install sni-qt:i386)
No video group calling
Lot of bug fixes (Hopefully!)

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