Apple Devices Cannot Connect to Meraki AP

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Issue: Apple devices like iPads and Macbook Pro cannot connect to Meraki AP. Sometimes devices can connect but get disconnect later on.

Platform: All Cisco Meraki AP platform. Software version is unknown this is due to the fact Cisco Meraki doesn’t disclose it.

Solution: Cisco Meraki APs that are configured to use WPA2 as its security protocol utilizes both TKIP and AES encryption modes by default. TKIP encryption is used by WPA and AES is used by WPA2. In most situations this allow support for wider variety of wireless clients, however some devices cannot particularly to those devices using older wireless drivers/softwares.

To disable the support of TKIP, you have to contact Cisco Meraki support as this option is hidden by default (which is silly!) on the Meraki Dashboard.
Once Cisco Meraki support unhides the option you will see WPA encryption mode under Configure > Access Control > SSID.

Meraki dashboard settings

Then select WPA2 only from the dropdown and save the configuration.

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