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Issue: Parking calls using a Cisco Unified Attendant Console (CUAC) don’t show up on CUAC Parked Calls window.

Parked Calls

Software used:
Cisco Unified Attendant Console version
Cisco Unified Communications Manager version (Cluster setup)

Solution: Call park setup in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster environment has to be configured on both publisher and subscriber as shown in the figure below. However, this doesn’t work in Cisco Unified Attendant Console. There are two solutions to solved this issue. First is using non-overlapping call park numbers. But what if customer would like to use same call park number range through out the cluster? In this case, second option is the answer. In Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 10.x (not sure if this available in 9.x) there is a service parameter called Enable Clusterwide CallPark Number/Ranges. Setting this value to True (call park numbers/ranges apply clusterwide and are not Unified CM node-specific) the field Cisco Unified Communications Manager, on the Call Park Configuration window in Unified CM Administration is ignored. You will be required to make a selection in that field, but if this parameter is set to True, Unified CM will not enforce the selection.

CUCM Call Park

After configuring the service parameter, the call park issue in Cisco Unified Attendant Console is resolved.

Fixed Call Park

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