From Aguinid Falls to Sumilon Island

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We had to wake up early morning to avoid the busy streets of Cebu. We traveled for 3 hours to Aguinid Falls and we spent the whole morning there. The whole family enjoyed the clear cold water and the main attraction of the Aguinid Falls was the different climb levels from 0 to 5. The kids stayed at level 1 with the Mamalas and Papalos who look after them. The adults climbed the challenging levels of the Aguinid Falls and spent most of the time capturing the one of a lifetime moment.

The next stop was the Sumilon Island. We traveled for half an hour to catch a pump boat to Sumilon Island. The kids were frightened of the unpredictable sea waves.
We arrived there just after lunch time and it was a perfect time because the sandbar was visible. We camped and had our lunch before we submerge ourselves onto the crystal clear sea water of the beach. We enjoyed our stay in the island, the kids played the white sand while adults enjoyed swimming and snorkeling.

It was a trip of a lifetime of the whole family.