Cisco TelePresence Touch Panel Stuck in Downloading Software

Issue: Cisco TelePresence touch panel stuck in downloading software after system boots up.

Platform: Any Cisco TelePresence endpoints that support touch Panel.

Findings: I didn’t really find out what causes the Cisco TelePresence Touch Panel stuck in downloading software after systems boots up. I have tried three ways in resolving this issue and they […]

H323 NAT address not configured

Issue: Cisco TelePresence endpoint cannot make H323 point-to-point call to another Cisco TelePresence endpoint. Both endpoints are standalone H323 and no Gatekeeper. Symptom is when calling from either endpoint the call automatically get disconnected after few seconds.

Platform: EX, SX, MX and Integrator C series TelePresence endpoints Software version: Any version as long it supports […]

Anonymous SIP Calls

This document walks you through on how to implement anonymous SIP calls in a Cisco Voice Gateway (e.g 28xx/38xx, 29xx/39xx).

1. Enable privacy at the header level in the SIP message. This setting affects all calls (applied globally).

voice service voip sip privacy header

2. This dial-peer configuration prevents the calling-party number from being shown. […]

Extension Mobility Login is Unavailable (23)

Issue: Cisco 7821 SIP IP Phone intermittently login to Extension Mobility service. Error displayed on the phone was Login is Unavailable (23).

Platform: Cisco 7821 SIP IP Phone running on firmware version 10.1(1)SR1 Cisco Unified Communications Manager version

.prettyprint ol.linenums > li { list-style-type: decimal; } Packet SummaryPacket details of line 15

Time Source […]

TranslatorX Cannot Open Shared Object File

Issue: TranslatorX doesn’t run on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit. Getting an error

rejohn@R007:/opt/TranslatorX10_0_0_2$ ./TranslatorX10_0_0_2 Failed to find/load Framework library cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Solution: The problem is the architecture of my machine is 64-bit while the application is 32-bit. The below command installs all the missing dependencies […]

Cisco SPA 112 ATA on CUCM

One of Cisco employees shared a document on how to configure Cisco SPA 112 ATA on CUCM. The document walk you through the setup and common issues encountered with solutions. My challenge was I had difficulty in registering Cisco SPA 112 ATA to CUCM 10.5.

I took a packet capture on the registration process […]

CUAC Call Park

Issue: Parking calls using a Cisco Unified Attendant Console (CUAC) don’t show up on CUAC Parked Calls window.

Software used: Cisco Unified Attendant Console version Cisco Unified Communications Manager version (Cluster setup)

Solution: Call park setup in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster environment has to be configured on both publisher and […]

Cisco Unity Connection Switch Version Failed

I recently upgraded Cisco Unity Connection cluster running version to the latest version Successfully upgraded the publisher to latest version but when I switched over I got an error stating Cisco Unity Connection switch version failed.

Downloaded the Cisco Unity Connection install logs off the server (from CUC CLI I ran this […]