No Cfg structure found in downloaded image file

I had a problem weeks ago when upgrading Cisco ASA 5515-X Next Gen Firewall from version 8.6 to 9.1.3. The upgrade error I got was “No Cfg structure found in downloaded image file”. I checked the documentation and it says allowed to directly upgrade from 8.6 to 9.1.3. Searched over Cisco Bug toolkit and found […]


The “url-list” command applies a list of servers and URLs that Clientless SSL VPN portal page displays for end user access. This video guides you on how to configure through CLI. I posted this tip here because one my clients wants to put more URLs. It is a pain in the administrator’s arse when doing […]

VPN Cheat for Cisco ASA using CLI

Who says you can’t cheat during the exam? Really? Hmmnnn… Last week I’m looking for WebVPN commands on Cisco’s website. I’m just skimming through the pages and my eyes caught the word “VPNsetup” and I said to myself “It smells something fishy here.” I dug the details on it and I saw gold. The gold […]

Configuring Cisco ASA A/S Failover using ASA-QEMU

ASA-QEMU is a Cisco ASA simulator. It is like GNS but GNS is only for router, switch and PIX (with the latest version of GNS PEMU is already integrated). By using ASA-QEMU you can test ASA features like webvpn which is essential for CCIE Security exam. In this video it will guide you on how […]