Cisco TelePresence Touch Panel Stuck in Downloading Software

Issue: Cisco TelePresence touch panel stuck in downloading software after system boots up.

Platform: Any Cisco TelePresence endpoints that support touch Panel.

Findings: I didn’t really find out what causes the Cisco TelePresence Touch Panel stuck in downloading software after systems boots up. I have tried three ways in resolving this issue and they […]

H323 NAT address not configured

Issue: Cisco TelePresence endpoint cannot make H323 point-to-point call to another Cisco TelePresence endpoint. Both endpoints are standalone H323 and no Gatekeeper. Symptom is when calling from either endpoint the call automatically get disconnected after few seconds.

Platform: EX, SX, MX and Integrator C series TelePresence endpoints Software version: Any version as long it supports […]

BGP Cost Community

This post explores the use of BGP cost community to prefer one path over the other in a multipath environment as shown in the figure. BGP cost community is a nontransitive extended community attribute that is passed to iBGP peers only. This feature allows us to customize the BGP best path selection process at the […]

Multicast and Unicast MoH

Issue: Multicast and unicast MoH don’t work over the PSTN.

Platform: Cisco ISRs version 15.0.


Disable “IP CEF” in the router.

enable config t no ip cef

Cisco Express Forwarding is mainly used to increase packet switching speed thus disabling “IP CEF” is not recommended. Another workaround is to set Duplex Streaming Enabled […]

Ruggedized Cisco IP Phone Casing

One day, I was surfing the Internet searching for any topic under the sun. Suddenly it came to my mind to search for customized Cisco IP phone casings. I open google dot com and search for it.

The image shown above is used for US military deployment and the casing cost approximately 2500 […]

Consultative Transfer With Direct Station Select

I had a customer requirement wherein they want to disable direct transfer without consultation on monitored buttons. This is common in a receptionist phone that has a side console.


Cisco Router as an NTP Server and Client

[tweetmeme]I was asked if Cisco Router could both act as an NTP server and client. I answered “Absolutely yes. I couldn’t see any problem running both services in the same device”. Then a follow up question was added – “How can you do that?”. Well, you have to understand the concept of stratum. I don’t […]

VPNless Voice Rack Rental

[tweetmeme]INE recently rolled out their VPN-less Voice rack rental access. A good news for all CCIE Voice candidates! I watched the instructional video presented by Mark Snow, one of the Voice instructors at INE, he demonstrated how to access the Cisco UC devices – CUCM Pub & Sub, Unity, remote phone software, etc.

I’m […]