Using Embedded Event Manager with SRST

This configuration example uses Embedded Event Manager (EEM) with Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST). In high level, the EEM monitors the IP SLA 300 (IP host alive) to (Cisco Unified Call Manager). If the IP reachability to the said IP goes down, the EEM will execute the EEM applet CUCM-MONITORING-DOWN. When the IP reachability […]

Cisco IOS EEM: Monitor ISDN Layer 2 Status

Here are the steps on how to set it up.

1. Configure the recipient’s email address. Replace this value [recipient’s email address] with valid email address.

event manager environment _email_to [recipient’s email address]

2. Configure the email server IP address. Replace this value [email server IP address] with valid email server IP address.

event […]