Could not create dialup name too long

Issue:IPSec VPN to Fotigate UTM doesn’t establish. Getting an error “Could not create dialup name too long”.

Platform: Fortigate UTM firmware version 5.2.

Solution: I encountered this issue after upgrading Fortigate firmware from version 5.0.7 to 5.2. In the previous version, I was allowed to enter 14 characters as its IPSec VPN phase 1 name […]

How to Encrypt Cisco VPN Pre shared Keys

Most of the time when I review a Cisco router L2L (aka site-to-site), Easy VPN client and other form of VPN configuration from a customers or friends, the preshared key is not encrypted. I’m not sure if the engineer who configure/deploy knows how to conceal the key or not. This is a huge security hole […]

VPN Cheat for Cisco ASA using CLI

Who says you can’t cheat during the exam? Really? Hmmnnn… Last week I’m looking for WebVPN commands on Cisco’s website. I’m just skimming through the pages and my eyes caught the word “VPNsetup” and I said to myself “It smells something fishy here.” I dug the details on it and I saw gold. The gold […]

GNS3: IOS EzVPN Remote (Hardware Client Mode)

This video demonstrates on how to configure your router as an EzVPN Remote Server using dynamic virtual-tunnel interface (VTI). Client initiates a VPN connection through HTTP traffic then challenge by the hardware client to authenticate. The client is also presented with options to active the VPN connection or direct Internet access.

Easy VPN VTI differs […]

Deterministic Network Enhancer Issues on VPNs

DNE extends operating systems and network protocol devices and stacks to introduce measurement and controls (optimization and security). Application of these are on intrusion detection, VPNs, Network Address Translation (NAT), traffic measurement, response time measurement, bandwidth control, compression, content filtering, content protection, policy management, proxies, billing, packet marking, routing, protocol translation, wireless communication, secure tunnels […]